As far as i know, there is only one smartwatch which is working with Windows Phone 8 until now. It´s the Pebble Smartwatch. You can can use the Pebble with an inofficial App called Pepple Watch Pro to connect to your Windows Phone. The App got the following features:
  • Calendar/Appointments
  • Battery Alerts
  • Twitter Alerts
  • Network Alerts
  • Music Player
My goal is to implement at least calendar/appointments, battery and network alerts.


Until today it isn´t possible to request the notifications (calls, sms, email,....) from windows phone.
Smartwatch API Support for Windows Phone 8.1 seems to be implemented in the newest update, but only for OEMs and no third party developers.... thats really sad.
Hopefully Microsoft will open those APIs, that´s what we´re all looking for!

Take a look at the API Additions in Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1.
A lot of information in the Phone Notification Management, which would be perfect to send to a smartwatch.

Update October 2015
Third party developers wont be supported by Microsoft. There will be no open source smartwatch api for windows phone / window 10 as far as i know.
But that doesnt matter! I got the motivation! I will get this project done! :)

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