Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Welcome to ArduWin

Hi there,

this is my first post on my blog about my arduino projects with windows phone 8.1.

Actually i try to develope my own smartwatch with an arduino mini pro and a 1.3" oled display.

Today there are a lot of smartwatch projects with arduino going on. Especially with Android Mobile Phones. I took the challenge to develope my own smartwatch on Windows Phone 8.1 platform. I dont know any other project yet with WP8.1 except the Pebble. (pls correct my, if there are any other kind of open source projects). So maybe there are some people who are looking for this, like me, who want to have a smartwatch communicating with WP8.1 and Arduino.

The idea of this project was inspired by the Retrowatch project and the Arduino-Bluetooth-WP8.1 Tutorial.

In the next days i will post some pictures/videos and a wiring diagram of my setup and the components and parts. This will present the actual state of my project.

I will also upload the code for Arduino on GITHUB or something similar. I have never shared my software code in the world wide web before, so maybe you got some hints, if there are any other places where i can do this in an easy way.

So, i hope you stay close to this site and follow my steps with this project.

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